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Ariel Pfeffer | Autobiography

me and my story

I was born in Montevideo, the capital and largest city of Uruguay and graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Uruguay. Aside from education, I am married to Rosario and have three kids.

My Story

From 1984 to 1989, as a partner of O.G.P. in Latin America, I co-created catalog companies in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Brazil

A year later to 2004, I was based in Brazil and was the chairman and CEO of my own Direct Response TV company, which included TV sales, catalogs, credit card syndication programs, print advertising, and e-marketing.

Since 2005 and still ongoing, based back in Uruguay, I have founded several online companies like Wintrillions, Mecanse, Somosuy and many others. Still do this day, I am looking out for more companies with the potential to excel online with what I have learnt.

Currently, I am a founder, and CEO of Prospekta Global Marketing, a company which creates, develops, and sells brand-new Fast-Moving Consumer Goods for specific niches,  actively being involved in Direct Marketing business.

Hora Pico - Ariel Pfeffer at a tv show
Camara empresarial Maldonado - 19-11-2016

I have spoken at several high-profile business events, including conferences and trade shows of the Electronic Retailing Association, the National Infomercial Marketing Association, the Direct Marketing Association and the Brazilian Direct Marketing Association.

Additionally, I am involved in several community service organizations. I was the former President of the Junior Chamber of Uruguay (Jaycees), Vice President of the Fundo Comunitario do Estado de Sao Paulo and the Director of the FISESP which is in Brazil.

Ariel Pfeffer in an interview

Nowadays, I am:

– An Active Board Member and Co-Founder of Piso 40 Club of Executives of Uruguay (

– An Active Vice-President of Endeavor Uruguay (

– An Active Member of YPO ( and Former Latin American Chair for two networks inside YPO

– An Active Member of the Club of Business Angels of IAE in Argentina (

– An Active Co-Founder of the Punta Tech Meet Up (

– An Active Co-Founder and Board Member of Iniciativa 2030 (