Productivity And Mental Wellbeing: How Connected And Focused Are You, And How Can You Improve? – Ariel Pfeffer Uruguay

Productivity And Mental Wellbeing: How Connected And Focused Are You, And How Can You Improve?

Mental wellbeing is all about your feelings and thoughts. It is also about how well you cope with daily struggles and stressful situations. Many are the times where our feelings and emotions overwhelm us, and we are often left at our wit’s end, not knowing what to do.

Mental wellbeing can also influence improving our productivity positively or negatively, either in your work environment or even at school. For example, a person with depression is often absent in their workplace or lacks motivation which results in low work performance.

Mental wellbeing is an essential aspect of humanity. This post will discuss five steps to mental wellbeing and ways of improving our focus and connection with society.

Five Steps To Mental Wellbeing:

Be Physically Active

Exercise is not only beneficial to our physique; it’s also vital for our mental health and wellbeing. When you work out, the feel-good hormones are released out to the brain. After the hormones are released, there is a calming effect on the brain. Thus you feel less stressed.

Connect With Other People

When you build good relationships with people, you tend to have a happier life. In the occasion you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s atrocities, you can share with someone. Actually, a problem shared is half solved. So go ahead and let someone in to your life.

Give To Others

According to research, the simple act of giving can have a positive impact on your mental health. The act of kindness gives one a sense of purpose and self-worth. It also helps one develop better relations with members of society.

Acquire New Skills

Learning new skills keeps your mind occupied and focused on achieving a specific goal. The skills acquired can help boost your self-confidence and tremendously increase self-esteem. Some of the easy skills to learn include:

• Cooking- look up new recipes

• Sign up at a local college- enrol for a short course.

• Fixing up the garden.

Stay Mindful Of The Present Moment.

Being more mindful of the current situation can help alleviate some stress. This may include your feelings, thoughts and even your body. When you learn to pay more attention to the present, rather than the past or the future, you will enjoy life more. This is because you will be blocking stressful thoughts from entering your mind.

After those tips on mental wellness, we shall now look at how connected and focused you are with society and ways of improving this connection.

Ariel Pfeffer is a Uruguay national who has achieved so much in the world of business. He is the CEO of a catalogue company that operates in many states. He also has tremendous academic achievements. Ariel has taken it upon himself to give back to society after having a successful career, thus creating a strong connection with the community.

One way of connecting with society is by giving back. You can do this by taking up volunteer roles in your community. Another way of developing a connection is by mentoring young people. Ariel Pfeffer is a mentor to many people because of his achievements in life and his fantastic personality.

The Bottom Line

Mental wellness is really about the choices you make. Always remember that every choice has a consequence. It would be best if you always made appropriate decisions that will have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Lastly, remember to have a person with whom you can share your problems and experiences. This will help relieve some weight off your shoulders.

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