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How Will Global Social Media Marketing Change In 2021?

As 2020 comes to an end, one thing is certain: most of you have spent plenty of time on social media this year. All in all, the increased connection to social media platforms is not outrageous at all. As several governments advised their citizens to work from home due to the global pandemic, the monthly social media usage shot by a whopping 21%.

Besides using social media to catch up with family and friends, consumers have been using the platform to search for products. Currently, as social media users near the 4 billion mark, brands are contemplating how social media will change in the coming year. Here is what to expect.

More Conversational Marketing Strategies

The global pandemic has made it a necessity for brands to get in touch with customers to the forefront. Today, brands no longer shout their content into the mass and hope for the best. In its place, it’s all about connections and conversations. Having a high conversation with customers is proven to create sales and establish lasting relationships.

Nostalgia Marketing

The rapid change in lifestyle and society due to COVID – 19 has increased the utilisation of nostalgia advertising by various brands. This type of marketing typically links positive emotions to a brand. In the process, it gives it a sentimental boost. As Ariel Pfeffer denotes, clients want to work with happy brands in the time of crisis to get distracted from the prevailing situations.

Short Videos Will Continue to Thrive

Presently, video is the most popularly used advertising content. Additionally, it is the second most engaging type of content on social media. As popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok increasingly boost their video capabilities, you can expect a huge video consumption to continue in 2021.

Authenticity Will Be Crucial 

In 2020, brands and consumers faced the global pandemic, several major events and uncertain financial times that halted nations in front of the news channels. Presently, customers want more than just the great deals to identify with, trust or even invest in. With this, it is notable that most brands have started to embrace authenticity.

Socially-Conscious Marketing

One of the most impactful trends is the rise of socially-conscious customers. In 2020, the socially-conscious group was seen making a huge impact on politics, brands and society as a whole. The issue that has been prevailing all through is the #BlackLivesMatters. So, a brand needs to engage more with various topics, like inclusivity, mental health and social justice for it to remain relevant.

Social Media Platforms May Double As Shopping Platforms

As more and more businesses learn how to carry out business on the internet, platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat have raced to design cutting-edge online business marketing solutions. In 2020, Snapchat and TikTok extended its business marketing offerings. Instagram and Facebook actually included shopping features straight into their applications.

Lastly, the marketing world is continuously changing. While most believe they recognise what to expect from social media in 2021, it’s worth noting that this list is perhaps not exhaustive of what you should expect next year. Thus, it would be advisable to continue researching other trends, assess your team’s social media data plus the online customer behaviour to identify the best strategies or trends to incorporate into your company.

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