The Exterminator of Dreams

Ariel Pfeffer: Exterminator of Dreams

Carolina went out for a run down the boulevard very early. She was very nervous because she was not getting enough organic vegetables for her new vegetarian food business. The ones he got were costly and he couldn’t sell that expensive. He longed to be in the previous job where he did not have to worry about anything and received his salary at the end of the month. Meanwhile, as an architect, Mariano had drawn up the plans for a large, innovative, modern and completely thematic building for the largest soccer club in the country. But he could not sell the project to any investor. Would it be the moment to be employed again in the quartermaster where he got bored checking if the plans presented were in accordance with the rules? In turn, Ricardo had resigned as a sales manager at a large importer to start his own. He genuinely believed that he could do everything better and better all your savings to that. But the first shipment was delayed by a delay at the factory of origin and it could not deliver everything it had sold for Mother’s Day. He was wrong? Should you put your head down and try to get back to your previous job?

Why most of the time our dreams don’t come true? Could it be that they are impossible to carry out or we simply do not execute them in the proper way?

Here are five ways easy to exterminate mercilessly:

1- Believe in instant success. A classic story is that of the person who made a very successful mobile application for cell phones and became a millionaire. But when we dig deeper into these stories, we always find that the same person usually was generally developing dozens of applications previous that were mostly big failures before. The success we can have today is only a consequence of everything and how much we have done before. What happens is that what stands out is the success story and not the dozens of previous failures.     

2- Believe that other people have the correct answers for us. People want to help us and tell us all the time which way to go. But when we analyze reality in-depth, we always see that there are other alternative paths. The correct path is the one that our feeling tells us is the best. Nobody but ourselves have the answers to achieve our own dreams. All roads are full of obstacles but each dream is its own, and not the others.     

3- Fall asleep in the laurales. Settle in when things start to go well, income grows and we begin to have minimal public recognition. But most dreams die here. Why? Because if we are truly on our way to a very high peak, this is the time to redouble efforts, enthusiasm and energy! While most of the time the opposite happens. Reaching a small peak begins to make us lower our guard, to rest in transitory success and mistakenly assume that all the rest will come only from now on.     

4- The fault is on the other. We see it every day all the time: “I didn’t find investors with a vision”, “the market wasn’t ready”, “I can’t find talent or”, “my team failed me”. If you really have a great dream is your responsibility to make it happen. Surely it is true that money is needed, a good team, that the market will accept things and countless more. But who should make it all happen is or himself? Not the other! If things don’t turn out, it’s your fault, not your neighbor, your friend, your relative, or your partner!     

5- To believe that all that matters is the dream in itself same. Life is the journey! Reaching a dream is not reaching a magical place that is the guarantee of happiness. Fulfilling a dream is a momentary sensation. And life is not. The only way to fulfil all dreams is by enjoying each step of the journey. Some will be direct and will give us little celebrations, others will be stumbles from which we will learn, but all will be part of our journey towards a bigger dream.     

Just follow these 5 steps easy it is to destroy all the illusions of our lives and continue lamenting because others are doing well and we do not .

There are three large groups of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things that happen and those who wonder what happened…. Which one are you in ?

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