Size Matters!

Ariel Pfeffer: Group of people on mountains top in winner pose. Teamwork Concept

The day dawned with a bright sun and Leonardo Da Vinci immediately began to write down his thoughts, Michael Jordan to practice only hoops, Edith Piaf to do exercises with his voice, Isadora Duncan put on his ballet shoes, Pablo Picasso began to Mixing the paints on his palette, Sam Walton got into his beat-up truck to visit one of his stores, and Steve Jobs welcomed his entire team of engineers for breakfast.

They were all big dreamers! Obsessive people behind their objectives that were very concrete and clear. People who surely did not have the least balance between personal, family and business life, a concept that is so fashionable today and which I personally do not share, although it is politically incorrect to confess.

When we were kids, everyone told us that we could be whatever we wanted: astronauts, nuclear physicists, Olympians, movie stars and even presidents. But then when we grew up those same people began to tell us that we had to be more “realistic”. The problem is that not being ambitious is the most direct path to total mediocrity.

And why should it be ambitious? What’s the point of not being ambitious? Why would I have to convince myself that something I really want is not going to happen?

Is it expensive to have big dreams? No, it costs exactly the same to dream big than to dream small. The difference is how each one is positioned. People who are successful think differently than those who are not. I am convinced that it is 80% attitude and 20% all the rest, including talent, experience and education. I am not saying that those things are not important, but that those things alone are not enough. It takes a gigantic dose of attitude!

OK, everything’s fine. Very nice all this. But I have no money, I am not old, I have no education, I have no social status, I have no contacts. But do you feel like it? Are you ready to fight? If the answer is yes, then here are the basic steps to get started:

  1. Imagine the possibilities. Where would you like to go? What would you like to be?
  2. Write your dreams. There is a huge gulf between thinking something and actually writing it. By writing it, it becomes a real and tangible goal. Your dream cannot be what you want to achieve in terms of material goods, but rather what you want to transform yourself into.
  3. Does that make sense with your personal life mission? If I had a passion for architecture all my life, it makes no sense to set the goal of being the best dancer in the world. If my passion is technology there is no point trying to be a great reference in fashion, or martial arts or gardening.
  4. Transform your dream into an action plan. What things should you do every day, consistently to achieve it? In addition, by dividing it into small daily action plans, they can be easily seen and understood by your collaborators in this mission, be they family, partners, friends or employees. This is the most important point. Run! With passion and obsessive dedication every day, regardless of the weather, the holidays, the political situation or any other excuse you can think of.

And why would it be good to dream big instead of continuing to do so in the usual way?

Because dreaming big is the first step to achieve something great! Because big dreams force us to surround ourselves with good people because the dream will only have value if it is used to align and motivate everyone to row in the same direction Because achieving a great dream perpetuates its creator beyond his own life,

There are 5 types of dreamers:

  1. Those who dream of the past and everything refers to what has already happened. They are surely unhappy because all the past times were better.
  2. Those who only have small dreams and who generally do not carry them out for fear of running out of illusions.
  3. Those who achieve their dreams and remain bored, which shows that they need to dream bigger. They have a false and uncomfortable sense of satisfaction.
  4. Those who have big dreams but do not have an action plan and end in nothing. They lose focus and are all the time dazzled by new opportunities without actually realizing any.
  5. Those who dream big, achieve their dreams and create even bigger dreams. This is the treasure island where we should all go to feel fully fulfilled.

Did you identify with any of these descriptions?

And what big dreams do you have for this year and the next? Are you going to settle for being a spectator of other people’s dreams or are you finally going to be the protagonist of your new great destiny?

When you achieve your dreams it is not what you get but who you become! Life rewards only those who do!

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