The Joker, Darth Vader or Voldemort?

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Sunday dawned beautiful with a radiant sun that promised a day of great enjoyment in the open air. However, Laura woke up tired and overwhelmed. Her caterer had met all expectations of the wedding she had the night before. As always, he had taken great care to ensure that all the details came out perfectly. The eight-story cake, the six varieties of desserts, the doneness of the meat. He had great prestige in the market and thanks to his or her schedule was full for the next few months. But he couldn’t make money. The estimates that she presented were accepted only when the price dropped a lot since she was not willing to evade taxes as many clients asked her.

On the other hand, Alejandro had the entire schedule for his complete office the next day. He was a very well known dentist in his community. His office was comfortable, spacious, modern, and bright. His four assistants and their receptionist wore a smart white and green uniform. It was difficult to find timetables available to see him. However, he knew that almost 25% of the scheduled consultations were going to fail. The patients just weren’t going to show up or they were going to call on time giving any silly excuses. That created difficulties for him because they were wasted hours that he had no way to make profitable.

What really prevents us from growing and selling much more? It is a difficult question to answer and there may be more than one possible answer. Very few people think of their business in terms of having an enemy, and many times we feel at a loss when it comes to identifying one. But if we are not capable of articulating the enemy, we do not know who we are fighting against and we cannot calculate the great losses that this enemy is causing us.

Many companies see their direct competitor as their enemy, Apple vs. Samsung, BMW vs. Mercedes Benz, Estee Lauder vs. L’Oreal. Despite this, in most cases, the enemy appears in other forms. Consider the Nike situation. Who is your enemy? Adidas? Rebook ? No, Nike’s enemy is “laziness.” Laziness and many more I have to do some constant physical activity and make that would consume many more products that mark each to ñ or. That is why Nike encourages “Just Do It” and does not say that its products are cheaper or of better quality than those of Adidas or Reebok. If Nike manages to overcome laziness, its sales would multiply exponentially because the additional market is gigantic.

The enemy of Coca-Cola is not Pepsi, but the perception of the public that Coca-Cola is not good for the amount of sugar having and not being a natural product. That is why Coca-Cola does not aim its batteries against Pepsi but rather to give us “a smile ” or “the joy of living” among various slogans and advertising campaigns that aim to show us that Coca-Cola gives us happiness.

It is important that we define who our enemy is, because if we fight him properly that will have a direct impact on our sales. Fighting it means creating an appropriate message and strategy. Knowing our enemy gives us clarity and focus to our brain, our positioning in the market and our marketing strategy. The goal is to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from growing. Now we can know where we need to focus. Who to attack. Before we were fighting everything and everyone without being clear about what impact that had on us.

The enemy by definition is everything that prevents us from growing or making more sales. Many times it is obvious who it is , but many times it is hidden and it is very difficult to identify it. If you have a hard time doing it, try to answer this question: what would have to happen so that I could triple my sales in the next two years?

Laura identific or that his enemy was the informality prevailing in the market . If she wanted to have a company 100% in compliance with all the tax laws, she would never be able to make money there. What was the solution? Abandon ar market events of individual celebrations (weddings, parties of 15, anniversaries, etc.) and fully concentrate on the corporate market with a renewed value proposition, much more modern and where the tax informality is almost nonexistent. Sales increased, the business became healthier and the company consequently increased the quality of its services.

Alejandro’s greatest enemy was the panic that people have about going to the dentist at the prospect of pain. It was as well as did a renovation of some equipment and capacity or all staff couples always explain proactively to each patient on new techniques, new anesthesia , and the many myths that were around each treatment. Every email, every phone call, every pamphlet, brochure and other communication materials, including some pictures in the office, came to have a message explaining why going to the dentist was not the same as entering a sinister medieval torture chamber . In a few months, cancellations were reduced by more than 80% and the practice began to bill the vast majority of useful hours.

What is YOUR enemy? You want to identify it ? How are you going to fight it? What strategy are you going to implement to continue growing? Our strategies are like rugs . Sometimes they need to be shaken.

Make sure your job speaks well of your work. The easy bores, the difficult attracts, the impossible obsess!

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