Liquidation Of Promises

Liquidación de promesas - Los amigos hacen una promesa meñique

The year ends and the high promise season begins. Those promises are relevant, notorious, but generally vague and generic. Why vague and generic? Because they are generally not accompanied by goals linked to a specific action plan. The millions (or perhaps billions) of promises that take effect at zero hours and 1 minute on January 1 are mere expressions of desire (I’m going to quit smoking, start going to the gym, give my children more attention, etc.) that normally on January 2 no one remembers that he did them.

I do not believe in a world of good intentions, nor in a world of good wishes for health, happiness and joy. I think it is wonderful to wish and wish each other all that, as well as to have good luck. But I think that achieving a good part of these things depends more on each one of us than on third parties, or on destiny, or on luck. Leaving aside what fate may bring us in terms of terminal health, we could achieve all the rest with focus, dedication, persistence and consistency.

I believe in a world governed by specific passions and goals. A world of execution. A world where we can develop our true desires without blaming anyone or anything. A world where we stop being victims of fate or circumstances, to become the captains of our own soul. A world with attitude and determination!

Most of the people we admire (famous and unknown) got where they got not because they had some special super power. But because they acquired a master’s degree in what they had some special gift or interest. They dedicated themselves for years to develop it with a fanatic obsession and a determined attitude until they achieved their goals. And when they got to one of them they imposed a bigger one.

How many years did it take Einstein to write his theory of relativity? And Steve Jobs the process to get to the iPhone? And Jesus to preach with authority and conviction? And to Messi to reach that football level? And to Mozart to write a sublime opera? And Usain Bolt to set his first world record? The examples could be endless. But the common element in all of them is that none in their privacy was concerned with achieving a balance in their life between the personal, the family and the business. Rather, his focus was 100% aimed at achieving his personal goals. That which would make them happy.

I also do not believe in those tripartite balances imposed in a structured and planned way. If my family is important to me, then I don’t need to “invent” moments for them, but it will come naturally to me to be with them. If I am passionate about my work then I will not mind stopping doing anything else or sleeping fewer hours to continue doing it. Otherwise I would be unhappy, when deep down we all want to be happy.

But since the personal, the family and the work are still important issues for each of us, I propose the following: I chose a very specific goal in each of these three areas. But not a vague and generic goal, but a high, relevant, specific and transcendent goal. A goal that is not so easy to achieve, but that is possible if we put a concrete and explicit plan of action. A goal that requires us to be obsessively focused, dedicated, persistent and consistent over a long period of time. A goal that will make us deeply happy if we achieve it. A goal that takes us to the next level as people in every way. I already chose mine! And you?

May the most unhappy year of your life be the one that passed, no matter how better it was. Because from now on only better things will come as a result of your own determination, attitude, execution and passion !!

If you want to get to the Moon, aim for the stars! Happy 2020!

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