The Waitress and the Towels by Ariel Pfeffer

Woman holding folded towel - Ariel Pfeffer of Uruguay

Although they are normally words associated with the same thing, in practice there is a big difference between being an entrepreneur and an Entrepreneur. The first is a profession while the second is much more linked to a posture, a way of seeing the world.

An Entrepreneur

In general terms, the Entrepreneur is one who has excellent knowledge in techniques of administration, planning, financial control, marketing, sales, and management of human resources. However, how many companies do we see that have been idle for a long time and without any growth prospects? When that happens and we see that there is no intention to do something new with a focus on generating new opportunities we can say that the businessman is not being an entrepreneur.

On the other hand, it is quite common to see people who are making a difference, including without being the owners or founders of the companies where they work. A great example of this is the story of towel origami found on many cruise ships today passengers can hear from in various parts of the world.

The Story of the Waitress and the Towels

According to legend, when the entire crew rested at one of the stops of the ship, a waitress decided to take the opportunity to take a course on how to make paper boats and paper animals, through origami techniques. When the waitress returned to the ship, he decided to apply this technique to the towels he left every day, above the guests’ bed, with figures such as paper boats, swans, monkeys, dogs, etc.

Surprised with the friendly animal instead of the traditional folded towels, the guests ended up leaving a much larger tip for the waitress who made the paper boats and animals in comparison to average. Eventually, she taught them the technique to the other waitresses, who in turn they taught others, and today that is a common practice in most of the sightseeing cruises.

This is a typical case of what today is called ” intrapreneurship ” which is to undertake within the company itself. If a simple waitress could have recognized success (older tips) could a waiter in a restaurant have a similar position? Does The same apply to an employee of a mechanical workshop and a clerk from a law firm? And a doctor in a hospital? And an executive from a large advertising agency? The difference is only in the attitude and from there everything can change.

The optimist believes that “this” will get better. The pessimist believes that “this” will be the same or worse.

While the entrepreneur thinks: how can I transform “this” into a good business?

Never miss the opportunity to be fabulous !!!