The Perfect Pizza by Ariel Pfeffer

Tasty perfect pizza - Ariel Pfeffer

Yesterday we decided to make homemade pizza. Why? Because I read a report that said for the first time ever, a pizza maker from Australia had won the world championship in Italy for pizza and it was the first time that the winner was a non-Italian. 

Out of curiosity, I looked up the recipe and I found it! And since it was unlikely that the entire family would go to Melbourne to try it, we decided to make it at home.

I went to buy all the ingredients at the supermarket and when it was time to buy the flour, something strange happened to me. I didn’t know which one to choose. There were 12 different brands and they all offered me basically the same thing: flour and nothing but flour! I wanted to buy just flour, I wanted the best flour! A gourmet flour that lived up to the pizza that so many expectations had raised at home.

Buying the most expensive one assured me of any difference? I repeated the exercise entering the site of a supermarket in the USA and then things changed. I found about 20 brands and about 50 varieties. With packaging with all kinds of emotional appeals, bold colors, and explicit descriptions. Flour for chefs, flour for bread, flour for desserts, and among many other varieties flour for pizzas for crispy, thin, thick dough, etc. How could I not make a pizza perfect if they were offering me perfect flours?

Unique Selling Proposition

And here we enter a very relevant topic and unfortunately very little spread in these latitudes. It is what the Americans call a “unique selling proposition”, what I allow myself to be translated as “unique selling proposition” or the “differential” of our product or service.

Trying to beat our competition without a good spread is like trying to sail without wind. It is very difficult or almost impossible. Many people mistake the differential for a slogan. But it’s not the same. A slogan is a wake-up call about the brand and that probably all of our competitors could also say about themselves. While the “unique proposal of sale” is a business differentiation designed to be the reason why the customer is going to buy our product or service. 

Some examples of “unique selling propositions”:

  • JetBlue airline offers all its passengers first-class seats, more legroom and DirecTV programming in all your planes at the same price as the other airlines
  • Dutch Boy paint factory understood that paint cans were heavy, difficult to open, difficult to close, difficult to pour, and difficult to transport. But since people buy paint to paint walls, they resolved to create packaging that was easy to open, close, pour, and transport. And they based all their marketing on that differential. The result was much higher sales, greater distribution, and at a higher price!
  • TOMS shoes are eye-catching, comfortable, lightweight, and cheap. However, none of that was enough to keep them alive in business. They then found a different method and it was to give a pair of sneakers to whoever required for each pair they sold. And that hit hard on consumers and the business took off with great force!
  • M&M chocolates proclaim that their chocolate melts in the mouth and not in hands like almost all other brands.
  • Domino’s Pizza became known around the world for its commitment to giving its free pizzas if they weren’t able to deliver them fresh and hot in less than 30 minutes. Then they had to stop using it due to the repeated accidents of traffic that the deliverers were causing by the rush to get in the stipulated deadline, but that differential remained on everyone’s mind.

The examples are many and the objective is to centralize all the marketing in that differential to give customers a justification to buy our products or services.

The Conclusion

Conclusion? There is no conclusion! What is there is the next step? What’s the differential of your business? What does your office offer beyond your supposed competition implicit professional? Your office could be your restaurant; your clothing factory, a company of transportation, an insurance company, or even a school.

Find out how you can be different to engage with your clients. If you don’t see anything different in your business then make immediate changes.

Every business has a unique selling proposition, be it implicit or explicit. Only the Implicit means very little differentiation in relation to the competition. Let’s look at values ​​beyond what is implied and let’s make them explicit!

Let us remember that information is cheap, attention is expensive and time does not have a price. Saving customers time and giving them greater convenience are good points to start looking for a good differential. The lessons are all around ours and even our competitors can provide us with ideas and inspiration. 

It ultimately depends on ourselves to obtain a unique business that would be more profitable.

And the pizza? It was fantastic! If you want the recipe, don’t hesitate to ask. Contact me using this link or at [email protected] and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. The same applies for any advice. Whether it be a question or a series of questions that you’d like following up on. Let me know and I’ll be happy to come back to you.