Educating Entrepreneurs by Ariel Pfeffer

Chalkboard Entrepreneur Image - Ariel Pfeffer

I was extremely lucky in life to have been able to have an academic education. I received a degree in Economics at Udelar and during my university life, I had all kinds of subjects in Economics, Administration, Accounting, etc. However, in none of those intense (and fun) years did I have a single subject where they told me what an Economist does.

What does an Economist do?

I allowed myself to ask the same thing to friends, lawyers, accountants, doctors, engineers, etc.

They all answered the same.

That is the faculty they had a lot of subjects of all nature but never one that told them what that profession refers to from a commercial point of view. The concern seems obvious and naive. Everyone knows what a lawyer does. However, when a future lawyer is about to be received, who tells him all the options he has to practice your profession? 

Who gives you the tools to ponder whether it is better to practice in the public sphere or private? At the national or international level? If it is better to use the race to enhance a political or diplomatic career, or if on the contrary, the best opportunity is to delve into the various options and specializations within the law itself?

I’m still going for more. Who teaches each university how to evaluate and budget their own weather? How to budget a project that involves time and dedication? Which are the market references? Is it better to be an employee or have your own practice, studio, or office?

How is it done to set up the workplace? How can you win new clients? Which are the marketing and advertising tools (especially the low-cost ones) that you have at provision? How do you conquer market-share? How is it done so that every new university student can be a great entrepreneur in their own profession and can create a plan of businesses of their own insertion into the job market?

My proposal for the answer: 

That in all university careers there be, in the middle of it, a subject mandatory to consolidate all business aspects of that profession. That teaches everything that this professional can eventually carry out in all possible areas. Teach how to execute it, including all the previous aspects of idealization, planning, budgeting, etc. That is my answer to what an economist does.

Regardless of whether one agrees or not, if this country could legislate on abortion and marijuana, it will be that we cannot also have better professionals with training and vision more enterprising? A country with more entrepreneurs who generate impact is a country with more opportunities for everyone!