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For 35 years, I have been involved in the Direct Marketing business around Latin America, mostly in Uruguay.

I am a Founder and CEO of the Prospekta Global Marketing company, a company where I dedicate my time to creating, developing and selling Brand-New Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, exploiting the current market for very specific niches.

Outside of the company, you can find me within the several community service organizations I take part in such as the Fundo Comunitario do Estado de Sao Paulo and FISESP in Brazil.

Now you may be wondering how I do it all. The answer to that question is by giving it your all and I will be explaining what I do to allow me to go to great lengths to achieve what others may consider impossible or unrealistic.

Feel free to stay around where I will regularly share my tips, views, opinion and motives I go through which you can take as advice or even motivation.

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Ariel Pfeffer

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